Get Organised MONDAY Post-it Notes

Being properly organized is one of the foundations of life. Being organized goes beyond knowing where and when things are, it’s good for the soul. Not only does it offer health benefits by cultivating a healthier lifestyle with better sleep and stress relief, but it also helps you make the most of every day and be more productive during working hours. Our range of Post-it® Products can help you to get organised, which will lead to a more enjoyable, more manageable, and a more productive workday. But more importantly, a happier you.

One of the best ways to maximize your time and get the most of your day is to properly organize it. Do you have a busy week coming up? An easy thing to do is to monitor a big day’s small successes by harnessing the power of writing things down. Try writing each item onto a Post-it® Super Sticky Note, and then removing them as your day progresses. This will help give you a sense of accomplishment.

By writing out your daily agenda or project tasks on individual Post-it® Super Sticky Notes and moving them from “To-Do, In-Progress, Complete” you can be sure you’re giving attention to the most important things on your list while managing your time and tasks easily and effectively.


For many office workers, after a day of organising, Tuesday is one of the most popular days for arranging meetings with clients. Now that does not always mean jumping in the car and travelling for hours, more of us are taking advantage of the ability to hold meetings from just about anywhere using Microsoft Teams, Google Meet or Zoom…The Cambridge Dictionary now features the noun Zoom: “a brand name for computer software that allows a group of two or more people to see and talk to each other over the internet using their computers, tablets, or smartphones.” Who would have believed that pre-pandemic?

Video conferencing has transformed the way we meet, but there is nothing more frustrating than a camera that doesn’t come on or a poor-quality picture when you are trying to portray a professional image. Fortunately with the Kensington Professional Video Conferencing ecosystem we can supply you with a powerfully cohesive range of cameras, plug & play software and accessories to ensure you look and sound your very best.

Ask today about our current offer of a FREE bicolour ring light (produces optimum office lighting) when you buy a Kensington Pro VC web camera and a Pro VC Mount.

Work comfortably WEDNESDAY

After starting the week with the best intentions, by the middle of the week for many office workers best practice goes out of the window – the ‘sit/stand’ desk spends most of its time on ‘sit’, the straight back posture is replaced by a slump and the ergonomically designed wrist rest has become buried beneath a pile of papers. Stop! You are only halfway through the week, let’s get this right. Incorporate the Fellowes Four Zone Approach into your workspace today, to help mitigate health problems and improve employee wellbeing.

Zone 1: The Back

To boost back support and help maintain a good sitting position, provide lumbar support cushions. These attach easily to any office chair. When used alongside a foot support, they can greatly improve posture and help ease back pain

Zone 2: The Wrists

To help reset the way we work at our computers, wrist rests can help reduce the strain. A wrist rest’s job is to align your wrists and redistribute pressure points to alleviate pain.

Zone 3: Neck, shoulders and eyes

It’s essential to have your screen set at the correct height to avoid hunching or constant twisting. Fellowes stocks a comprehensive range of lifting products to raise laptops, PCs and documents for maximum comfort and productivity.

Zone 4: Reduce Inactivity

Sit-stand desks give you the option to vary your working position. Standing up to work at least part of the day or at different points of the day, boosts circulation, adds movement while the act of standing burns more calories.

Take a break THURSDAY

Thursday is a notorious teaser of a day for the Monday to Friday worker – you are past the midway point and on the downward slope towards the weekend, but there is still a long way to go! Many find Thursday the most difficult day to get motivated which is why we are. Dedicating this day to our favourite coffee ranges – providing that boost to get you through the remainder of the week.

Whether you like yours simply black or flamboyantly flavoured, piping hot or ice cold, or indulging yourself with added cream or a splash of whisky, there’s a NESCAFÉ coffee to suit whatever mood you’re in. For those that like their coffee crafted with care, we are currently running a promotion offering a free pack of KitKats when you buy two tins of Nescafe Gold Blend (for connoisseurs that appreciate a well-rounded taste and rich aroma). – contact us today for details.

Did you know that you can find the origins of your NESCAFÉ GOLD BLEND by entering the batch code into the website at and this will tell you where your coffee originated from and how it was made? Now there’s a way to spend five minutes on a Thursday.


It’s the end of the week. It’s not the best time to start a new project and you have all your filing up to date. The only thing left is to carry out those repair jobs around the workplace that you have been putting off all week!

You might not be surprised to learn that since more people have started to work from home, the demand for our range of super glues from Loctite have skyrocketed! It’s not for us to debate what is a legitimate business expense and what is for home use, we are just pleased that more people are going to the effort to repair items rather than throw them in the bin. Possibly a sign of the economic times we live in, but we like to think that our customers are becoming more environmentally aware of the benefit of fixing rather than throwing.

Everyone can make a difference by giving old and broken objects a 2nd life: especially YOU as a fixer, doer or maker. And every saved object counts because it means one less item in a landfill. So, what are you waiting for? All it takes is just one drop of Loctite Superglue. If you need help choosing the right glue for the job, contact us today.

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