Creating the right learning environment

We are very proud to be able to supply schools, colleges and universities with a wide range of products to create the perfect learning environment for children and students of all ages.
Although there are specialist education suppliers around, increasingly schools are buying into the concept of supporting local suppliers who have more of an impact within the local community; fully aware that buying local is supporting the local economy in which many of the children’s parents will work (not to mention where the children themselves may one day be looking to work).
Our local proximity, ability to deliver at short notice and breadth of product make us a viable option to meet the needs of the modern education establishment. You are probably not surprised that we can supply pens, notebooks and stationery, but less people are aware that we work with some of the leading suppliers of educational furniture to enable our local establishments to build the required education environment.
Providing for education is very different to supplying an office. Whereas an office layout is often about productivity and removing distractions, this would seem a little too boring for a primary school child, they want a fun and colourful learning environment.
We also have to be realistic about the sturdiness and durability. You need to understand your customer, and we know that children have not always learned the value of other people’s property by the time they start school!
For our younger school children, we work with Herok, a company based in the UK, manufacturing an extensive range of educational and library furniture including: Library and school displays, Tortuga shelving, book trolleys and spinners for books, CDs, DVDs, videos, and audio cassettes. In addition, we can supply reading corners, carrels, workstations and listening stations for both adult and children’s libraries. With its exceptional quality, durability and 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee, our Herok furniture has become the industry standard.
School Staging
For schools without a built-in stage, our Ultralight staging system is the ideal choice. Lightweight, folding and modular this stage is easy to assemble and disassemble and then fold into a small space when not required. For music and drama, nativity and end of year plays, make sure your pupil’s performance doesn’t go unnoticed.
For this we partner with Gopak, a manufacturer of quality British made furniture producing the largest range of folding tables, stacking benches, classroom tables, furniture for school and university dining halls, furniture for village halls, community centre furniture and church furniture.

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