When you buy a BANKERS BOX®
you are not just saving yourself a lot
of hassle with filing and storage, you
are making a contribution to saving
our planet from the global threat
being faced.
BANKERS BOX has partnered with
“Tree-Nation”, an established,
global organisation with the
mission to tackle climate change
by planting trees. This addresses
the major problems faced by our
generation, namely – climate change,
deforestation and CO² emissions.
As we know, the significance of
deforestation impacts everyone
and these are facts that are well
documented and supported by
scientific research.
25% of climate change can be
attributed to deforestation. This
Plant-a-Tree initiative proactively
increases reforestation while tackling
wider humanity issues caused by
deforestation and desertification
such as malnutrition, food shortage,
floods, land ownership and poverty.
As a brand that has been around
for over 100 years, BANKERS BOX
believe in durability and sustainability
– whether they are their products or
the planet we live on. And with you,

we can truly make a difference, one
tree at a time.
When you buy a qualifying Bankers
Box you will receive a unique code
that can be entered onto the website
to register your details and plant
your tree. Once registered you will
receive an email with all the details
on how to plant your tree.
• The link will also show where your
tree is being planted in the global
forest. Get all the information
about your tree including its
species, CO² compensation
values and plantation project
• View and download your very
own tree certificate via this link.
• Share your good work with friends
and colleagues and spread the
word on social media.
• Don’t forget, the more BANKERS
BOX archival corrugated
products you purchase, the more
opportunities to get to plant trees
and create your own forest!
So far the scheme has planted an
area the size of over 67 professional
football pitches, but we believe we
can all do more!